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Elder Jensen Apologizes for Pain from Prop. 8 Experience

Elder Marlin Jensen recently presided at an Oakland stake conference and held a special, invitation-only meeting with members and non-members in the area over Prop. 8. Here are two recaps of the event, both interesting if also distinct. Essentially, it was a chance for members, both gay and straight, to express to Elder Jensen their experience and the pain they felt from the Church’s decision to vocally support Prop. 8. Elder Jensen, while not apologizing for the Church’s actions, did express his apologies for the suffering and anguish this event caused. He also affirmed that he would share these thoughts and feelings with the Brethren.

As I mentioned in a discussion with some friends, it seems remarkable for a GA to apologize for the anguish caused by such a recent Church action. Pres. Eyring expressed remorse over the incident at Mountain Meadows, but that was 150 years after the fact. Still, Elder Jensen does not speak to for the Church as a whole, and I’m sure that his apology will not satisfy many people. That being said, it’s nice to see the Church taking steps to acknowledge that the Church’s stance on homosexuality is creating painful rifts in families and communities and that it is trying to become more sensitive towards these feelings even as it remains firm in its doctrine. And it will be interesting to see how the Church will handle this issue in the future. I think it will be the social/moral issue of the next decade for the Church, if not for America as a whole.

Last thing: I got to meet Elder Jensen this last summer at the Church History Library with other members of the Joseph Smith Summer Seminar. He was extremely warm and exuded a sincere love, even for us strangers. He was also remarkably candid in his answers to questions people posed about the Church and its stance on Church history. Just a really great man.

PS: I know the Brethren usually discourages us from circulating the proceedings from another stake conference; I share this because those who posted these accounts double-checked to make sure it was okay to do so.

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