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Football, Tacos, and Dorothy Performing a C-Section

Manti's performance was one of the few bright spots of ND's game.

Our good friends Liz and Chris Johnson had us over yesterday to commiserate Notre Dame’s pitiful running game (or “watch the Stanford-ND game,” same thing). It was a dreary event to behold: turnovers, Dayne Crist getting steamrolled on every throw, Stanford converting 11 of 16 3rd downs. That being said, we had a blast–we got to watch South-Bend-Ward member Manti Te’o rack up a career high 21 tackles (yep, he’s a sophomore, folks!) and Dorothy had a great time playing with Nathan, Connor, and Brooks. Plus, Liz–who grew up in Mexico–put together some killer tacos al pastor, just like I remember them from my mission. ¡Tan sabroso, esos taquitos! All in all, a great Saturday afternoon.

Best part: since Liz is also pregnant, due in about a week, we chatted a lot about the impending babies to come and judging whose belly was bigger by this point (notwithstanding the twins, Janelle lost). Dorothy must have overheard the pregnant talk because she came over with a pair of scissors and  happily exclaimed, “Mommy, I’m going to cut your babies out!” It was hilarious; we just hope she’s not being prophetic.

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  1. Liz
    September 26, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    At the very least I hope Dorothy isn’t the one performing the cesarean. Not that she’s not capable, but I think she needs a little time to hone her skills… those scissors weren’t even sharp!

    Thanks for coming over, guys. 🙂

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