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Is Boise St. good for the BCS?

Conventional wisdom would say that Boise St.’s win last night against Virginia Tech was yet another death blow to the BCS, our money-grubbin’, top-dog-lovin’, little-guy-hatin’ public enemy #1. If Boise St. rides this win’s momentum (and don’t stumble through what is by far the easiest schedule of the country’s top ten) it will certainly be demanding a look as a possible national title contender. This is all great…right?

I can’t help but get the nagging suspicion that instead of “challenging” the BCS, Boise St.–if it is successful this season–will only come out proving that somehow, the BCS “works,” that a little dog was still able to get its chance at the big game. It will suggest that, after all, the BCS does make it possible for anyone to reach the final game.

This is, of course, absolutely false: it has essentially taken the Broncos two years of inordinate success and undefeated regular seasons to even put them high enough in the pre-season rankings to have a chance at cracking the championship game. How often can we expect this type of formula to repeat itself? And why should that be a precondition for a championship season? A previous year’s success or even a couple of years’ worth of winning doesn’t mean that you’re going to be better or more ill-prepared for this season. Players graduate, people get injured, coaches move on: each season’s success is a miracle of its own unique making.

Don’t mistake me, I’m happy for Boise St. and hope they go all the way (and that TCU goes with them). But something tells me the BCS backers, if they do indeed succeed, will spin this to their advantage. They always do.

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